10 Homemade Beard Oil Recipes

Anyone who's read ManMade for more than a week or so can attest: we're never gonna wax poetic about the beard. Some men look better with them, some do not. Some can grow a full one, and some can't. There's no magic in the beard. It's a choice, and if yours looks nice, it's good to have options. Personally, I tend to wear one in the fall and winter, and then go clean shaven in the warmer spring and summer. 

What we do know is: having a beard is much more than just not shaving. You've got to care for it, clean it, trim it, and keep it healthy. And one important way to do that is with beard oil: it's great for your skin, it keeps your cheeks from getting chapped, and helps your beard look great all year 'round. Here are 10 of our favorite homemade beard oil recipes.

homemade beard oil recipes

There are, of course, many brands who are happy to sell you products to maintain your beard. They are (sometimes) surprisingly expensive little tubes of stuff that you rub into your facial hair to keep it happy. They all contain the same basic ingredients: a natural oil (coconut, olive, almond, etc), some essential oils to give them fragrance, and perhaps a bit of beeswax for conditioning and strength. 

Which means: you can make them yourself with the same basic ingredients. We stumbled across this collection of recipes at Jebiga.com, and it's a nice roundup of different styles of beard care products. They'll all basically do the same thing, so start with the one that uses ingredients you already have, and just branch out from there.