ManMade Essential Toolbox: The Key to Keep Yourself from Going Crazy in the Workshop

ManMade Essential Toolbox: Bin Storage

Small-parts storage is one of the biggest steps you can take in creating the perfect workshop zen. When all those little fasteners, nails, washers, odds and ends all have a home you can work in peace, not pieces.

The life of a DIY-er is paved with extra parts. Instead of just a singular hobby focus you've expand yourself into building and making almost anything and it's important to always keep around all those extra parts because you never know when you're going to need them again. However, it can be a nightmare storing all things! I don't want to admit how long I went with a teetering stack of cardboard nail and screw boxes piled on a shelf all mislabeled and rusted.  I finally gave in an invested in some serious bin storage for all my little bits and it's changed my life! 

Types of Bin Storage

There's two major types of bin storage that work for different kinds of needs. If you have a permanent shop and not the garage with the car backed out, you might find a better investment in wall and shelf bin storage. These are the more common products you'll see with hundreds of tiny plastic drawers with detailed labels. These boxes can be secured to the wall for easy and permanent access. 

ManMade Essentials: Bin Storage

Arko Mils 44 Drawer Cabinet

The other kind is more portable in nature. Perfect for DIYers like me who don't have any kind of permanent shop. These products allow me to toss all my things into my truck and head to my next project or stack them neatly in my shed for easy access when I need them. They seal tight and keep each compartment intact as you sling them around. I have two different kinds of portable bin storage.

ManMade Essentials: Bin Storage

One is my larger Husky cantilever storage system. Here's where I store all kind of odds and ends like compressor parts, stray machine screws, Dremel accessories, razor blades and more. It's my catch-all for small items that don't have a home. If you don't have a ton of shop bits (not yet at least) start with one of these.

ManMade Essentials: Bin Storage

If you find that your bits and pieces seem to grow exponentially with every project, you might want to invest in a more modular system like a stacking deep-bin organizer case. I have several of these, arranged by use: screws, nails, nuts and bolts, etc.

ManMade Essentials: Bin StorageThe best part is that each bin is removable. Need your 2-inch screws for a project? No need to take the entire box with you, just slip out the inner bin and leave the rest behind. It's simply amazing. 

If you continue down the thrilling path of DIY trust me when I say you're going to really need these storage solutions. The best part is all of these products are inexpensive and in the end will save you time and money by keeping track of all the little things you would otherwise lose or throw away.

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Permanent Bins

Portable Bins

If you need more inspiration on the zen of shop organization, check out the shop of one of my favorite gods of DIY, Adam Savage, and see how he keeps his OCD at bay with his awesome storage system.