Extension Cord Hack For Using Corded Power Tools

When using corded power tools around the house, on the driveway, or even in the backyard, you might find yourself yanking on the cord, hoping for a few more feet to reach where you need the tool. However, there’s nothing more annoying than having the cord come unplugged, leaving you walking in shame to plug the power cord back into the extension. What if I told you won’t have to suffer anymore? Continue reading to learn this extension cord hack!

General Tips For Using Extension Cords

Orange extension cord on a wooden floor.
Photo Credit: Canva Pro

You will find yourself using extension cords all the time when working on DIY projects, making them an essential must-have for all DIYers. As you get lots of use out of your extension cords, you will naturally find ways to improve how you utilize them and store them. Aside from what you might know from first-hand use of these cords, you should know general tips such as the following:

  1.  Match the power rating of your tool and extension cord.
  2. Extension cords are not permanent wiring.
  3. Check the designations of your extension cords.
  4. Don’t plug multiple extension cords together.
  5. Avoid extension cord kinks and knots.

The Ultimate Extension Cord Hack

As previously mentioned, you probably had your extension cord come unplugged once or twice before; otherwise, you wouldn’t still be reading. What you will want to do for this extension cord hack is leave a bit of length for both cords before creating a tie between the power cord and the extension cord. Don’t tighten the knot; just leave it as you see in the picture below, then plug your cord into the extension.

Extension cord and power cord tied together while connected.
Photo Credit: Just Needs Paint – Correct way to perform the hack.

To test it, you must start a DIY project that you need to complete as soon as possible; then, you will tug on the cord. If your power tool keeps on working, then you are in the clear. If it stops, then it must have been unplugged, and you might want to reread this article, but there’s also the possibility that someone took your extension.

Extension cord and power cord tied together while connected.
Photo Credit: Just Needs Paint – Don’t do this because it will stress out the cables and cause issues in the future.

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With this helpful knowledge, you won’t have to come down the ladder or out from under the car to reinsert the plug of your corded power tool back into the extension. Hopefully, this tip will save you some time and pain, because it sure has saved me tons when working on projects.