Keeping Warm: 5 Masculine Blankets Worth the Investment

Every guy deserves a cozy blanket to roll up in. So we’ve wrapped up five of the best wool blankets for men:

best wool blankets for men

I have no shame in saying it: I think blankets are great. If that’s not manly, I don’t care. Being cold is stupid, and being stupid definitely isn’t manly either. I work from home, in a city that gets quite cold in the winter, and there’s absolutely no reason to heat the whole house when it’s only occupied by me, crunched up with my laptop. But you know what else I like? Picnics. And not freezing in case I have car trouble in the winter, or when I go camping. And snuggling up with my wife. (And pretending my urban townhome is a mountain cabin retreat…but, you know, personal preference). The common factor: blankets. So, I like ’em.   I also believe – like many things – it’s worth investing in a nice one that will last you for decades, repel odors, dirt, and other aspects of aging, and will never go out of style. So, here are five high-quality blankets that are masculine, have timeless styling, and just look like the kind of blanket a guy should have. Since they’re an essential part of the winter edition of “10 Things Every Man Should Own,” here are five that are worth the investment:

The best wool blankets for men

1. Classic olive drab military blanket – $21.02

If anyone knows something about the best blankets for men, it’s the United States military. These guys have been made for hundreds of years, and they’ll continue to be made for hundreds more. This affordable option is 70% wool and 30% “reprocessed” materials, likely acrylic, but that’s more natural material than lots of the bedding out there. Plus at little more than two $20s, you can’t lose. This one is nice and thin, and would fit well into a backpack or rolled up and stashed somewhere for emergencies. Plus, it’s quite large, and would make a great source for cutting up to make sewing and other projects. Certainly cheaper than felt from the fabric store, and likely a higher quality.

2. Old Hickory Wool Buffalo Throw Blanket by Pendleton – $160

I doubt I’ll ever be able to pull off a lumberjack plaid in a shirt or jacket, but the classic red/black Pendleton might do the trick. “The ultimate bunk room blanket. Big, bold colors give attitude to this rugged yet refined blanket. It’s a lofty yet down-to-earth statement for loft, lodge, cabin or kids’ bunk room.

Pendleton woolen mills blanket

3. Woolrich Civil War Cavalry Blanket – $109.00 

Woolrich made the Civil War blanket and supplied it to troops from 1861-65. The current blanket is made from wool fabric bolts Woolrich mills for recreationist groups and movie studios for authenticity. The navy brings just a bit of color over an olive or grey, but is subtle enough to drape over a sofa or easy chair.

4. Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket – $119.00 

86% Wool and 14% cotton keeps these camp blankets natural. “Camp blankets were first designed to meet the rigorous demands of the wild and untamed Pacific Northwest and were a favorite of the early sheepherders in the Northwest. Today, these warm and hardy blankets offer outstanding service and rugged styling that will provide years of warmth and comfort.” I’ll have one in each color.

5. Faribault Foot Soldier – $250

Faribault has been making this blanket to the same specifications since 1917, but likely dates as far back as 1897. This 100% wool option was “originally designed to accommodate the widely varying temperatures of Cadet sleeping quarters, the ‘double cloth’ construction of this blanket results in a warm, heavy, yet breathable product.” Shown here in a varsity-like maroon with stripe, but it’s available in military green, grey, and cream.

Fairibault wool blanket for men

[Top Image: Faribault Foot Solider Grey with Stripe]