Apr 15, 2011

How To: Make Edible Chocolate Ice Cream Bowls

What's better than ice cream? Ice cream served in an edible chocolate bowl.

And what's better than ice cream served in an edible chocolate bowl? Why, one you made yourself, of course!


   There's a great series of photo instructions for making these guys with balloons. I looked, but can't seem to find an original source or written instructions.

I found it at CoolPictureGallery.us


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Claire on Apr 17, 2011:

Dear Chris,

An alternative: I once served Mousse au chocolat into Small bags of chocolate.  I did litterally "paint" the inside of the smallest brown paper bags with a thick layer of tempered chocolate; when the chocolate was set, I peeled off the paper bags.  Then each chocolate bag was filled with chocolate mousse topped with whipped cream and voilà! Un dessert surprenant!

Anonymous on Apr 15, 2011:

while that sould cool, now you have to worry both about melting icecream and the cowl melting.