How To: Make Easy (and Masculine!) Painted Silhouette Art

Silhouettes are the stuff of artistic genius. Got a picture of your dog? That’s nice. Got a silhouette of your dog? Provocative! A painting of a guy with a beard is quaint, but a silhouette of said beard is instant culture. Ooo, how about one of a political figure? Or the American flag? Okay, that would just be a rectangle, but you get my point.

The best part is that, as these super easy paintings point out, they don’t just have to be solid black fill on white, like that one your mom made you sit still for for like two hours while that weird lady shined a lamp on your face. Well, mine did.

Kate Pruitt offers this super cool and easy idea: cut a basic sillhouette from contact paper, and then paint free form stripes, and remove the stencil. Couldn’t be simpler, and bonus points for the nice masculine imagery she used, as she made these for her man.

DIY Project: Kate’s Painterly Silhouettes