How To: Make Homemade Nutella

Everyone who loves Nutella can tell you the story of the first time they tasted it. While some of us may have grown up eating this chocolate-y, nutty spread, many sought it out after reading about it, seeing it in a recipe, or with the help of some tastebud loving friend. Me? I first tried it in a restaurant when I was in college, warmed into a ganache-y type thing as a dipping sauce for sopapillas. If only it were a bit more spreadable…

A collection of clever DIYers at the New York Times figured out how to make an all-natural version of Nutella at home, including roasting and peeling the hazelnuts and melting the chocolate so its just so. They’ve included a few videos to make sure everything is spot on, as well as a couple of recipes to use your new spreadable deliciousness.

Chocolate Hazelnut Paste []