Hipster Bingo!

created at: 02/22/2011

It happens to me all the time. I’m hanging out in the cool kid part of town, and I spy a group of youngsters, clad head to toe with the standard hipster fare: low v-neck t-shirt? Check. Bandana as accessory? Now where’s the one with the fanny pack…

Oh, there he is.   I didn’t realize it, but I’ve been playing hipster bingo for years! What fun.

So, designer Paul Buller has made it official.

created at: 02/22/2011


2. Take out Bingo card. 

3. Use found items like change or bottle caps for game pieces. If hipsters are nearby this means you will be able to find plenty of pennies, guitar picks, cigarette butts, mustache combs… 
4. PLAY hipster bingo!

$8.00 for four cards is plenty affordable, and what a great gift they make! What should the prizes be?! Post ’em in the comments.

Hipster Bingo [Etsy]