Book Art Photography by Thomas Allen

created at: 02/21/2011

Photographer Thomas Allen has come up with what may be the ultimate, “Why didn’t I think of that?” project.

He cuts up the people-heavy covers of pulp fiction novels and creates mini-dioramas, allowing the characters to interact with others from different works, and with the books themselves:

created at: 02/21/2011   created at: 02/21/2011

“Using salacious pulp art drawing’s of the ’40s and ’50s that covered books such as ” I Married a Dead Man” and ” Marihuana Girl’, Allen constructs one set of pictures up close while obscuring another, and in the process creates a different context. Each piece is given a brand new storyline, though never quite strays from their cheeky origins.”

created at: 02/21/2011

created at: 02/21/2011

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