Feb 15, 2011

This Weekend I Made: DIY Limoncello and Wooden Eames Arrows

created at: 02/15/2011

It was a productive weekend at my house. We had our first thaw since mid-December, so I emptied all the dead potted herbs that were too frozen to come out, cleaned out the garage, got my bike and Vespa back in order, vacuumed out my car, and had a make-your-own pizza party with my niece and nephew.

And, seeing as it's citrus season, I wanted to have another go at homemade limoncello. I had a half bottle of grain alcohol left from the vanilla extracting I did for Christmas presents, and filled it with the zest of 12 lemons (there's about 1000ml of spirits in the bottle). I'm amazed by how yellow it is, even after only a few minutes. Next step: wait 45 days, then dilute and sweeten it up!

created at: 02/15/2011

I also installed a new bandsaw blade, and to test it, I decided I needed some wooded arrows. Not the kind you shoot, but the ones that point out stuff. (Which, of course, recalls a favorite Mitch Hedberg joke... "Imagine being killed by a bow and arrow. That would suck, an arrow killed you? They would never solve the crime. "Look at that dead guy. Let's go that way." Get it?)I printed out a couple of shapes from the House Industries Eames Century Modern sampler...

created at: 02/15/2011

Then cut them out of walnut, maple, and hickory:

created at: 02/15/2011

I don't mean to be cheesy, but you know how some weekends kinda remind you who you are? I was fortunate enough to enjoy one of those this week.


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Chris S on Jul 23, 2012:

I'm wondering how the limoncello turned out. My friends dad makes this stuff all the time and he absolutely insists that limoncello cannot be made properly/taste good if you don't use lemons that are completely wax free. His son (my friend) tried making some with lemons that had wax and my friend said it tasted disgusting. So I was wondering what type of lemons you used and if it turned out tasting good.

Deany on Feb 15, 2011:

Well, if the stuff you do around your home makes you who you are, then I think I like you! Sounds like a lot of fun! Your home must be a great plae to hang out.