How To: Build a Mod, Floating Shelf

created at: 01/25/2011

I remember the first decidedly modern home I ever visited. Certainly, there were none in my hometown or among my family or parent’s friends, so when we stepped into what I now know to be an Eichler-alike ranch in the Smokey Mountains, I was totally blown away. “This looks like the Jetsons!” I remarked, and while I have no idea who those people were, at age 6, I started to develop a taste for modernism.

The home of this mystery couple, who were someone my parents knew that had just recently moved, sported this amazing large floating shelf, which served as both storage and a room divider. So, from the very beginning, floating shelves = awesome to me.So, this DIY version is kinda the most amazing project I’ve ever seen. You know, more or less.

If you’re a home owner, or if you have a more forgiving landlord than we do, perhaps it’s time to consider a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit. Nothing divides a space more spectacularly. This marvel of modern simplicity is the perfect display case for everything from your prized first editions to your first snow globe. And it’s simple enough to put together—provided you’ve got the right tools (or at least a friend who does).

Home Organization 101: Floating Box Shelf [ReadyMade]