How To: Make “Gravy IN Biscuits”

created at: 01/17/2011

Over the weekend, my local alternative weekly newspaper did a taste test of a new Doritos flavor: Late Night All Nighter Cheeseburger. The consensus was: 1) yes, it is possible to make a chip taste like a cheeseburger; and 2) doing so is a terrible idea.

But, I do love the idea of whipping up an entire meal in an integrated, handy to-go package. And I especially love it when gravy is involved.   “[There are] an abundance of foods wrapped in carbs of some sort. Every culture seems to have their own take on this combination. Dough is great. It’s made from pantry staples, and has served for centuries to stretch out limited food supplies through the lean months. It once extended life spans, but is now an delicious opportunity for indulgence. The dumpling/calzone/empanada remains a great comfort food, connecting us to that part of our culinary history.

It is in that spirit that we turn a breakfast favorite inside out! Above you can see our incredibly easy, mini Gravy IN Biscuits.

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