How To: The Best Way to Carve a Turkey (Video Instructions Galore!)

created at: 11/24/2010

We don’t think carving a turkey is an essential man skill, with grandpa (who didn’t have anything to do with the planning or cooking of the meal) standing at the head of the table, steeling his knife and taking all the credit.

Nope, we thinking that properly carving a turkey is an essential people skill, and the best way to take advantage of all the hard work that went into cooking it.   Here’s a collection of tips, most of which say the exact same thing, which to us, means that it’s the right way.

Carve a Turkey like a Pro, from Bon Appetit

Alton Brown on Properly Carving a Turkey

Step-by-step turkey carving at the Huffington Post:

created at: 11/24/2010

Turkey Carving with Gordon Drysdale

A very happy Thanksgiving to all!