Oct 15, 2010

Hipster Dinosaur Coloring Book

created at: 10/15/2010

Somewhere in the last few weeks, making fun of hipsters became more prolific than the irony-clad, mustache filled trend itself. Which was sorta funny for a bit, but at what point does the cultural response become even more pathetic than the ridiculousness of the subculture it mocks?

So, with that in mind, we at ManMade promise that this very post will be the latest hipster mocking piece we do. 

Well, unless its very, very funny.

created at: 10/15/2010

The World Famous Design Junkies present these illustrations from Molly23

This is a collection of hipster dinosaurs crafted from the essence of an everyday jurassic coloring book. Crafted with the magic of crayons. Internet superstar Molly23 created these over a period of a few weeks if I’m not mistaken, and they’re traveling about on their own through the fffounds and reddits of this world. Here they are all together. Give Molly23 a shout on her super blog if you love her so much. 

created at: 10/15/2010

created at: 10/15/2010

WFDJ: Coloring Hipster Dinosaurs


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