How To: Make Shrunken Heads from Apples

created at: 10/11/2010

I got The Amazing Apple Book as a gift for the Christmas of ’92, and I adored each of its pages. I learned about how there’s no way the fruit from Adam and Eve was an apple, and all sorts of culinary applications. But my favorite project included carving a face in a fresh, ripe apple and leaving it out to dry and shrivel into a little fruit flavored shrunken face…though my parents always made me store mine in the basement, and they usually caught a coat of mold.   So, I’m super excited to find this how-to from Floral Showers. “Making shrunken apple heads is one of my favorite Halloween traditions! I remember doing these a couple times when I was a little kid and thinking that they were so silly and so fun. A few years ago I mentioned the idea to my husband who kind of laughed—and then jumped right in when I got started. You will have a blast making them, but you do need to get started because they do need a few weeks to dry.”

Shrunken Apple Heads [Floral Showers]