May 11, 2020

Put This on Everything: DIY Sriracha Powder Recipe

We would never want to actually judge this competition, but if you were to pit all the mass market hot sauces against each other in a taste test, the classic green nozzled sriracha sauce with the rooster on the label might very well come out on top. It's extremely versatile stuff, and offers heaps of complexity and flavors other than heat and vinegar tang.    

And its that versatility that makes us think that a jar of homemade sriracha powder is something that belongs in every kitchen. I first ran across the idea in Dale Talde's excellent cookbook Asian American. I filed it away in my mental to-do pile, then, admitedly, completely forgot about it.

But my interest is resurfaced with this write-up of Talde's technique at Food 52. The process couldn't be simpler: you squirt some sriracha on a sheet pan covered in a silicone baking mat or parchment paper. Spread it thin and place in a 200°F oven to dehydrate it for a bit. Crush into a powder, and sprinkle on everything. 

Get the full low-down from Genius Recipes: Dale Talde’s Sriracha Powder





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Dean on Apr 13, 2018:

@Chris. Amazon is your friend. McCormick sells it all over the place. I was just mentioning Publix as it's my go to grocery store. I'm sure other places sell it as well.

Chris on Apr 12, 2018:

@Dean - Interesting. For our readers, Publix is a grocery chain with stores in the Southeastern US, from Virginia--->Florida. For those of us not in the South, DIY it!

Dean on Apr 12, 2018:

Or, you can simply buy a jar of it at any Publix store.