Okay, Let’s Talk: How Do You ACTUALLY Make Your Coffee Each Morning?

Over the years, we've shared some of our favorite techniques for crafting the ultimate cup of coffee, the importance of coffee-making as a morning ritual, and how to spike it into an enjoyable, boozey/bitter treat.  

But today, it's not about how to make the ideal coffee.     

Instead, we want to know how you actually enjoy it. Specifically – how do you make it each morning? Do you drink it black, with cream and/or sugar? Are you on board with the bulletproof coffee trend? Do you pour into a traditional mug? A spill-proof travel mug? A thermos? How important is it to keep it warm?

If were fancier, maybe I'd embed a survey, but let's just keep in simple and use the comments below. Please tell us:

  • What brewing method do you use to make your coffee?

  • How do you take it? Black? Cream and sugar?

  • From what do you sip it? 

I'll start: I own two coffee brewing devices: a French press and a Chemex. I use the French press 90% of the time, and bust out the Chemex if we have guests in the house or if I'm making coffee for a larger group of people. I grind my beans just before in Bodum Bistro burr grinder, which is fantastic. (I technically also own an Aeropress, but I haven't really figured it out yet.

I drink my coffee black, and I like to keep it as hot as possible for as long as possible, so I use a Contigo travel mug. Another fun fact: I don't make my coffee first thing in the morning. I usually don't start the kettle until around 9:30 or 10:00 am, and then I sip it slowly until lunchtime. The Contigo mug keeps it warm as long as it lasts. 

Please share your everyday routine in the comments below. Thanks!