This World Deserves The Best Of You

HustleI'm taking a bit of a journey to figure out a few things. First, who am I, and second what does that mean to the world? Ever wonder that? Here are 5 things I'm going to do this month to find the best of me.
A few months ago, I took a trip. It was a lot of fun, and a real break from life. This adventure woke up a few things I'd tuned out for a while, it really had me thinking again after a few nights sipping Bourbon on the patio. The main thing stems from the incredible amount of “good” things I spend my time on. For years, I've committed to saying yes to the opportunities around me, which has opened up doors and taken me places I never expected. I highly recommend the shift that comes from opening up your mind to new adventures, I talk more about that here. But now, I think it's time to hone my yes. Like I said, my plate is full of “good” things, but I'm wondering what greatness is there, just past my reach because of it. 

Here's the important part, this world needs more people who are fully alive, who have found and are chasing after it. Here are the steps I'm taking for the next month to clear my plate of the good in search of the great.Strength Finder

1. Take the Gallup Strength Finders Test This test takes about 45 minutes and provides an in-depth summary of your top 5 strengths. What I like about this test is how the strengths are broken down into understandable pieces, and also how it provides ways to compensate for them by teaming with others. This is an exceptional way to hone what you're good at and where it works in life. 

2. Clear That Plate – Here's the hard part. My plate is full of good things. Amazing opportunities to do things that are good, but some just don't speak to my heart like they should. I've put them all on hold and they're all on the table for a closer look. If I circle back and they don't fit the rest of my goals it's time to close a few chapters.Darts

3. Really Dive Into Your Goals – I've been so busy the past year that my goal setting has taken a step back. I used to have clear, dedicated goals that really got things done. I'm going to take the time to put together goals that align with a vision that's bigger than me. Tip: if it doesn't scare you a bit, or if you're worried it's too much of a stretch, you're probably aiming too low. 

4. Take The Time To Process – Sure, setting goals is one thing, but really making them sink in is another. Really section out the time to get squared away on what the goals are, and what it means to get there. What that means, is being able to look at good opportunities and being fine with leaving them on the table in favor of the great ones.Escape Hike

5. Take Time To Make It Stick – The last few weeks of my 30 days I'm really going to dive into a few things I've put on the back burner. Specifically I'll be disappearing into the woods for a few tailgate camping sessions to gain some perspective again. There are also a few places in the house that have been needing a bit of organization TLC and I feel much more at peace when I'm living in a clean space. Do you have any areas in your life that need some organization? Clear spaces help with clear minds.

Now Get Up And Hustle – Those goals aren't going to come without a fight. I plan on hitting the ground with a clear mind and solid plan to make something great happen. Because the world deserves the best of me, and I plan to give it everything I've got.