Sep 13, 2016

How to: Custom Branding Iron Using a 99¢ Disposable Lighter

created at: 09/13/2016

Here's a project that deserves to be checked out both for its utility on your own projects, but also for its simple, inspired creativity.  This is why the DIY, craft, and maker movement continue to grow; there are super smart, thoughtful folks figuring out how to help other keep making stuff.   This one comes from James, a designer on Shapeways, who make custom 3D-printed metal parts. Here, you add your own design to James' template, which snaps onto your standard Bic-style disposable lighter. The lighter's flame heats the branding iron, which you press into your material to sear the design. Cool, right?

created at: 09/13/2016

James' Instructable shows you how to customize your design with a free online design program called Pixlr. Upload your design, order your branding iron, and start making your mark.

Make a Custom Bic Brander [Instructables.com]




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