The 10 Cast Iron Commandments Every Man Should Know

I LOVE my cast-iron skillet. I was in skillet envy for quite awhile watching other guys flaunt theirs at home and on camping trips before I finally pulled the trigger and got my own. I’m fairly certain I’ve got the hang of skillet maintenance, but having just come back from a wonderful camping trip in Big Sur, I realized there are some key tips everyone ought to keep in mind with this essential cooking tool…   

The advice I recently found comes from the author of the upcoming cast-iron skillet cookbook Stir, Sizzle, Bake, and as it turns out there are a number of myths surround these skillets and their use and clean-up. For example, it’s particularly important to heat up your pan slowly and avoid cooking directly on a cold pan:

“Cast iron heats unevenly, but once it gets hot, it gets so, so hot. I preheat my pan as I’m prepping my dish over very low heat. Then I slowly, incrementally, move it up—to medium low, to medium, to medium high, et cetera. It’s actually easier to get it hotter once it’s already hot; by pre-heating it slowly, you can control the heat more easily.”

Click here to read The 10 Commandments to Cooking With a Cast-Iron Skillet from First We Feast and let us know what other tips you find imperative.