Please Welcome Guest Blogger, Polly Conway

Hi friends – I’ll be away from September 4th – 12th on fine trip up and down the New England coast, and I’m excited to welcome my friend and maker Polly Conway to explore all sorts of mens and crafts and generall good times.

created at: 09/03/2010

So, get to know her a bit better, and say hi!

Polly Conway is a writer and craft dilettante living in Oakland, CA. Her current unfinished projects include a nearly done cross-stitch, a 1/25th completed afghan, and a quilt that currently exists only in her mind. Polly runs her own small crafty business, Pollyannacowgirl, selling the projects she can finish, and represents at shows all over California like Bazaar Bizarre and the Renegade Craft Fair. She blogs about craft nearly every day at, about life at The Firefly Express, and loves being a part of the worldwide handmade community.

created at: 09/03/2010

Have a great week!