How To: Make DIY Fruit Roll-Ups at Home, with Crazy Patterns!

Many thoughtful, contemporary parents are a bit wiser than ours were concerning the snack foods they give to their children. Avoiding processed food products, excessive amounts of corn syrup, hydrogenated fats, and overt amounts of sodium, these post-modern era parents have gone back to the snacks that their own grandparents might have served – homemade and much more healthful.

Which is great…except for one thing: contemporary kids don’t get the experience of eating, well, kid food. Thrown in lunch boxes or crunched into pockets for consumption in the treehouse, there are certain foods that just taste like childhood.

And for me, that’s the Fruit Roll-Up. But, thankfully, these too can be replicated healthfully at home, on the cheap. 

created at: 09/03/2010

This method uses unsweetened apple sauce as a base, and is punctuated with fresh blackberry and peach sauce to create these awesome patterns, not unlike the Tongue Tattoos of their forebearers.

Yeah, you need a food dehydrater to do it up, but the excellence of this project just might make that purchase worthwhile.