Meet One of the Few Jukebox Repairmen

Meet Perry Rosen, a jukebox repairman keeping mechanical music alive in a mostly dead industry. But as we all know, there’s a big difference between mostly dead, and all dead. And that makes it all the more fascinating…   Jukebox’s have been around and maintained since 1889 when Louis Glass first installed a coin-operated phonograph in his San Francisco saloon. In a world of constantly evolving technology (VCR manufacturing was offically discontinued last month) I’ve always been a fascinated by antiquated mechanics and the people who specialize in their repair and maintenance. Check out this tiny portrait of Rosen in the video below: 

There was a great write up and slideshow of Perry in The New York Times earlier this year that first alerted me to his work. Check it out: Jukebox Doctor. Pinball, Too.