A Very Manly Day in the Life of Nick Offerman

created at: 09/26/2013

Actor, author, and all around masculine archetype Nick Offerman pokes a little fun at his cult status as the epitome of manliness. In this dialog-free video, Nick awakes in the woods and walks through his everyday routine of eating raw onions and drinking motor oil, punching baseballs, and throwing whiskey bottles into the sun. 

The video serves as promo for Offerman’s new book, Paddle Your Own Canoe, out October 1st. But, it also reads as a pretty accurate satire of all these hypermasculine advertising campaigns we’ve seen of late.  And, yes, at some point, I’ll probably read the book. How can you not? 

Also, Parks and Rec is back on tonight! Guess I need to finish those final two episodes from last season I’ve been savoring on my DVR.