How to: Make a Custom Wall-Mounted Tool Rack for Your Workshop

created at: 08/11/2016

There are lots of ways to store your hand tools. Tossed into a portable tool box, or organized in bins, totes, or the drawers and racks of a chest. I’ve always been a fan of getting things up on the wall where you can see them, find them, use them, and then put them back when you’re done. (Plus, let’s face it… they do look cool.)

If you’re over the limitations of pegboard, but not quite ready to invest the time and resources into a tool cabinet, we suggest one of these: a tool rack. You can make some in an afternoon, and each space and slot is customized to fit exactly what you need to organize.   

created at: 08/11/2016

This tutorial comes from Instructables user , and it’s a great example of how to customize a simple piece of 1×2 stock to hold any style of tool. What I really like is how densely this design stores each tool. There’s a lot on the wall there, but still so much blank space to add additional racks.

There’s a great video that shows you how the whole thing is put together. Check it out: Wall Tool Holders []