Have You Tried These? You Definitely Should Be Making Grilled Oysters For Your Next Cookout

Grilled OysterLooking for something beyond burgers and dogs to toss over the coals and infuse with the flavors of summer? How about grilling up some seriously tasty oysters? It’s easier than you think.   

Last week I had a friend bring back some oysters from a coastal trek. He had no idea what to do with them, and honestly, neither did I until I looked around and found some amazing recipes to make those briny hardshells into something irresistible. Here are the top 5 that caught my eye:

1. Garlic Herb Oysters 

Grilled Oysters2. Chargrilled Oysters

Grilled Oysters3.  Parmesan Smoked Paprika Oysters

Grilled Oysters4. Korean BBQ Oysters

Grilled Oysters5. Bloody Mary Oysters

Now go out and find yourself a few dozen and make your next cook-out a bit more interesting.