DIY Masculine Decor Idea: Use Vintage Wooden Crates as Planters

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Summer markets are still buzzing with fresh produce and local goodies – but what’s gonna happen when they’re gone? Well, maybe you can score a few wooden crates to use as planters.

This is one easy DIY project. You basically need a few plants, which can be already potted, and some wooden crates (which sometimes are not as easy to come by as you think). You can either place the potted plants inside the crate and call it a day, or you could transfer them using a plastic bag with a few holes to drain the water.

Wooden crates are almost like a rustic kind of gold that’s very valuable in the modern-thrifty market – so you’re better off going to the farmers market and asking one of the vendors to sell you some, rather than fighting a bidding war on Ebay or Craigslist.

Keeping the crate “as is” will add a masculine touch to your space and, if you end up murdering your plants, you can always flip them around and use them as stools. Either way, you end up winning.

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Crated Succulents