Jun 24, 2016

Watch This Now: The Carpenter and The Luthier

LuthierSometimes it's inspiring to watch others make something beautiful. Here are two videos where we can see something amazing made from wood.   I have been making sawdust for a few decades now, and at this point I'd say there is probably a bit of it in my blood. The smell of sawdust, the sound of sandpaper, they're comfortable and familiar. So this video highlights quite a few places in my shop that I love and there's a unique perspective showing the background of what it takes to make something special. Another great video highlights the process of creating a custom guitar from scratch. The process takes over 200 hours and is fascinating to watch. Especially when the craftsman is such a seasoned maker.

While I won't be making a guitar anytime soon, I will be heading back into the shop to make my own pieces of wooden creativity soon, so have fun out there in you shop and stay safe!


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David on Jun 27, 2016:

Hi @Phillip! They say it takes over 200 hours per guitar, so at $20 per hour that's about $4000, at $40 per hour that would be upwards of $8000 add in materials and you've probably got a guitar worth the same as a much less beautiful used car!

Phillip on Jun 26, 2016:

Wow! i wonder how much that guitar would cost?