How to Build a Table from a Single Sheet of Plywood

Ah….the 4×8′ sheet of birch plywood. A timeless DIY material, strong, dimensionally stable, and full of crisp lines and repeated grain patterns. It’s great for everything from workshop jigs to cabinet carcasses to casework to… a full sized dining table?   Yep, if you get creative and lay out your cuts wisely, you can make a whole table – top, apron, and legs, from a single sheet of baltic birch.

The whole thing can be cut with a circular and chop saw, and is held together with pocket screws. When you check out the plans, the construction is actually super simple. Which doesn’t make this project basic, but inspired; it’s a testament to the power of the design.

Get the full plans and build process at Popular Mechanics: Build This Table from One Sheet of Plywood