This Wood Turned “Brick” Bowl Took 3 Years to Make

created at: 06/12/2016As anyone who works with natural materials will tell you, woodworking isn’t like other manufacturing practices. Like horseback riding (as opposed to driving a car) there are always little bumps and hiccups that are inherent to the process of churning out a mutual project or end goal with another organic substance. You can’t find those problems, you’ve got to find ways to make them into something, like Frank Howarth did with this wooden bowl…created at: 06/12/2016The maple bowl itself took over 3 years to make, and he had to find a way to deal with the knots in bowl that would’ve kept it from really functioning properly. He opted for a very cool idea: cutting out the knots in unique shapes and fitting a wooden “brick textured” puzzle piece back in the hole.

You can check out his process in the video below.