Apr 14, 2016

Make This: A Cheese Slicer You Can Be Proud Of

Cheese SlicerWith spring in the air, it's time to start thinking of long nights on the patio with food friends, and a bit of vino. Nothing goes better with that bottle of wine than the cheese plate, and here's a handcrafted cutter that looks as good as it works.   The process of making this cutter is pretty straightforward, with only a few parts it's easy to make in a short morning and have on the table the same day. Drilled Holes

I like to see the combination of wood pieces and a bit of metal working, as it expands the skill set and makes me more of a versatile maker. Here's a quick video of the process, and you can read all about the tools and materials at the post here

I haven't seen a slicer quite like this before, and if it works half as good as it looks, there won't be much of that smoked Gouda left after the guests head home.


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