Make This: Simple Countertop Bookshelf

Finished ShelfIf you’re like me, there is a small stack of books close by. They’re piled up on many flat surfaces in my house and slide off with no warning. Here’s a simple countertop bookcase to spiff up that well-loved set of books.   I’m what you would call an avid reader, and also a purist. While I love my tech, it’s still way too hard and plastic to replace the feel and smell of the printed book. So, I collect, stack, sort, and stash books all over my house. It’s a problem I’m not really ashamed to have, but I do like ways to keep them close and orderly. That’s why I’m really excited to put one of these simple countertop bookcases together the next time I find some time in the shop.Unfinished Shelf

For one thing, It’s great to see such a simple solution to the problem of keeping books in order but still in sight. Also, using easy materials makes it a project that can be done for just about nothing with the scraps and cut-offs I have in the shop.

Take a look at the rest of the project pictures and a simple to follow plan on making a set of these for your favorite pile of books here.