Aug 24, 2010

How a Sewing Machine Actually Works

The true DIY and craftsters don't just use all the cool toys and materials - they want to know how they work.

So, bone up on your sewing machine saavy  - sure, everyone knows that there are two sources of thread, but peep the above animation to see exactly how the two become tangled. Also makes all those tensioning dramas make so much more sense.

See this and lots of other cool machine animations at World of Technology.

Via Kottke


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Ryan on Nov 27, 2012:

Not hard the niddle drops, the hook that is shaped like a corksqrew grabs the thread loops it past and around the spindle while pulling thread from the niddle forming cross over stitch. I remember this from sewing in middle school. 

Anonymous on Aug 24, 2010:

Yup. I'm 47. I've been sewing since I was 12. This was always a mystery to me. I'm still a little confused, but I think in 3D so I'll work it out soon enough.

bruno on Aug 24, 2010:

Um, I just spend ten minutes starting at that illustration, mesmerized, and I still don't get it. Hypnotic though.