Bring the Outdoors In with this Woodsy, Smokey Cocktail Recipe

ripsaw cocktail glass on a table

Need another drink to warm you up like you're sitting by a campfire, but you're actually stuck inside cause it's freaking freezing out? Check out ManMade's very own rosemary and smoke infused cocktail!

Make this: rosemary and smoke Cocktail

This simple recipe does a fantastic job of blending the smokey charred flavor you get from a good bourbon's charred-oak barrel and the natural essence of a wooded forest. It's like camp trip in a glass. Set aside your axe and get to work on this easy recipe.

Since we've spent all week talking about chain saws and cast iron recipes inspired by the Swedish flame, we're calling the drink just that. 

What you'll need:


First, pour your measure of simple syrup onto your glass of ice.

glass of simple syrup on ice

Next, pour in 2 ounces of bourbon over the syrup and ice. Take your fresh rosemary sprig and use it like a spoon and stir your drink to mix the syrup and bourbon. Once you've mixed generously, you can leave the sprig in the drink. 

stirring your drink with a rosemary sprig

Make this: Ripsaw Cocktail

That's it! Sit back by the fire with a good book and sip the smooth, smokey, earthy tones from this simple glass.

For more on Bryson's chain saw and Swedish flame series, head here. Also – of course alcohol and chain saws don't mix. This one is for after the day's work is done.