How to: Build a Minimal and Versatile Wardrobe

created at: 11/23/2015

Most of us want to look good and don’t like excessive things that just take up space. Hence the pull to simplify one’s wardrobe and put an emphasis on curating limited goods that offer quality and versatility. Thankfully, we’re not the only ones feeling that. Below is a great roundup of two Art of Manliness posts touching on that very subject.

The first is a video from Art of Manliness creator Brett McKay taking you into his closet/podcasting space to discuss his limited wardrobe and the items that he finds offer the most versatility. 

 The second resource is an article by AoM’s resident style adviser, Antonio Centeno on How to Build an Interchangeable Wardrobe. Both are quite practical and offer some good suggestions on what to look for in an article of clothing and what exactly constitutes versatility.