Finally, Pour Over Coffee for Backpacking and Camping

There’s nothing wrong with expecting a properly made cup of coffee, even in the backcountry. Well, maybe especially in the backcountry, when you’ve spent a long night trying to stay warm on a minimal mattress and a crumpled up fleece as a pillow.

There are a variety of brewing methods available, from press pots that integrate with your backpacking stove to classic cowboy coffee, which involves putting the grounds in a kettle boiled over a campfire, and just filtering out the solids with you teeth. Right.    

Kuju coffee offers a new twist on camp coffee: a pourover system that combines beans and filter in one. The whole thing takes a twist on the teabag structure by adding foldable, cardboard wings that allow you to suspend the filter on the cups rim, ready to accept your hot water at will. Of course, having a cookpot with a pour spout would help, but as anyone who adds boiling water to a meal packet knows, you can get pretty accurate results with a pot grabber and a slow pour. 

Each serving weighs less than .5 oz. Kuju’s Kickstarter has been fully funded, and they start shipping in early 2016. Learn more at Sunset’s Westphoria blog.