The Process: Crafting a Traditional Post-and-Rung Stool from a Tree

You know those videos that show some young dude dressed in leather boots and a crew neck sweater, walking into his shop or studio, blowing off the sawdust or unrolling a side of leather, arranging his tools and assessing his materials, all with some slow churning music and a shallow depth of focus?   created at: 10/15/2015
This is definitely one of those videos. Yet, it still manages to be totally inspiring and makes me want to 1) go out into the woods and 2) make stuff and 3) learn more about handtools… so, I guess it did its job. 

At nearly 20 minutes long, it certainly takes its time, but the overall effect works, and its easy enough to shuffle through. In some ways, the videos long shots and lack of dialog mimic the meditative nature of handwork… the medium matches the message. 

Check it out: 

Greenwood from Adam Newport-Berra on Vimeo.