5 Simple Beginning Leather Projects to Help Grow Your Craft

Leather Tool CaseA few weeks back we talked about some of the basic, essential tools for getting started in leatherworking. Once you're set up, its time to put them into practice. Here are a few projects to hone those skills, and end up with some great practical pieces you can use everyday   Each of these is a great starting place to help walk through the first steps of the hobby.

Passport Cover

1. Hand-Sewn Passport Cover – I don't travel enough to make this something I need. However, the few times I pull out that passport I already feel like a jet-setting fool, so why not feel like it in style. This project uses leather glue, layout and cutting, and plenty of hand stitching.

Leather Cup Holder

2. Mason Jar Mug Holder – I've got a few mugs in the cabinet that I really love. Thick walled and heavy duty, they are the perfect match to cold drinks on the patio. This project is a simple holder with handle to keep the liquid party colder longer. I love the crossed stitching and styled handle, so much potential for customizing each one.

Leather Roll-Up Case
3. Leather Tool Roll-Up Case – We all have plenty of tools that need a home. This simple project adds in a sewing machine if you're so inclined, but hand stitching is still a respectable way to go.

4. Leather Cord Wranglers – Keep your headphones, charging/syncing, and USB cables under control with this simple taco-style leather organizer.

5. DIY Leather Valet Tray – Keep all your daily carry items in the same place each night in this simple but stylish catch-all tray. Looks great on your dresser, night stand, or hall table.