How To: Dress Like a Modern Day Mad Man on the Cheap

We promise to slow down on all the Mad Men content soon, but with the beginning of Season 4 this week (I haven’t watched yet, don’t spoil it), there’s just so much good, classy guy content to pass up.

Those fine, fine suits worn by the men on the show are the sorts of things that make anyone look sharp. My guess is they create new custom-tailored outfits for the actors from vintage patterns, which makes finding an exact match at an affordable price impossible.

But, there are a lot of slim cut/skinny tie suits available these days, so it’s best to take advantage of the cut while its available. (It took me like a year to buy my first adult suit in the mid-90s…everything had huge shoulders and baggy cuffed pants, and….just, ugh.)

    Andrew Snavely, the founder and editor of Primer magazine, offers this hot tip:

The secret to looking like a million bucks may seem rather obvious — wear a suit that fits…You want to create a slim profile, not a boxy one. Every suit you buy should be brought in to fit your body. In fact, many off-the-rack suits are cut so they can be tailored to fit the buyer, meaning they aren’t even intended to be worn as-is. 

The last suit I bought I ordered through Indochino, one of the more popular of these types of online ‘bespoke‘ clothiers, and I wholeheartedly recommend them.  For the price of a run-of-the-mill suit at Macy’s I was able to pick the exact style, color, and options and have it created just for me. It’s an incredible deal, and my experience with the service was excellent.”

Brilliant. I’ve never been so excited about dress clothes in my life.

Primer: Don Draper’s Suit