Weekend Project: Make Your Own DIY Wooden Tripod

Being a maker, I always find myself looking at ways to create the everyday items I use in life. So when this tutorial on making a wooden tripod stand came up, I had to take a look.   A tripod allows for the camera to shoot in low light for an expanded range of results that can really bump up the quality of difficult shots. When I first got a tripod, it was a cheap, flimsy aluminum and plastic package that just didn’t hold up to abuse, or any use for that matter. The next version I spent a bit more on, but I still wasn’t happy with the cheap construction. When my current version takes a dive – and it will likely be soon, I may take on this project for a solid piece of equipment that I can be proud as a maker to call my own.

created at: 05/15/2015

The construction of the tripod is a simple sliding dovetail that allows it to extend from compact to full size with a few twists of the bolts. The maker, Mattias is an engineer by trade, and his technical nature comes out strong in the step-by-step breakdown of his project.

Dovetail Track

Take a look at his article here for all the details on the build, including a few lessons learned from his project notes.