Feb 19, 2016

How to: Make a "Hold Everything" Tool Rack

When I was in graduate school, I taught guitar lessons to several neighborhood kids for some extra income. Inevitably, after a few months of convert's zeal, their practicing would slow down, and a parent would always ask me, "how can I get ______ to practice more at home?" I had some musical tips, sure, but my first answer was always: buy a guitar stand, and leave it out. No one is going to pick up an instrument that's locked in a case and placed under the bed or leaned against a wall in a closet. But, have it out and within a grasp in just a few seconds, and one can't help but just pick it up and rock out.     

I recommend a similar approach to storing tools for creative projects. If you want to use them, keep them handy. This "hold everything" tool rack is a simple wall-mounted solution that allows you to keep any hand tool accessible, even those that won't fit on traditional pegboard. The slat system, constructed from simple and affordable poplar stock, allows for special shelves and units to keep each tool safe and organized, protecting blade edges and keeping squares square, etc.

Get the full how-to at Popular WoodworkingHold-Everything Tool Rack

Update: Ron posted this link to the print version of the article, which shares the project in lots more detail. 



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Jill on May 04, 2020:

The link to the full article is no longer valid.

Any chance you could update it again?



Richard Kent. on Nov 03, 2018:

Hi Chris,

Nice idea! This is a safe and useful rack, no doubt. However, I can call you a guitarist. I also taught like you in a few years past, but that was not about a guitar. Grammar and math I liked to teach and I enjoyed them.

Phil on Sep 16, 2016:

The link no longer appears to be valid -- any chance there is an updated version?

Chris on Apr 30, 2015:

Great find, Ron! I updated the article to include the link. Thanks for sharing.