Cardistry: A Look at “the Elegant, Mesmerizing Subculture of Card Juggling”

Have you ever heard of card juggling? You know, it’s like in the old timey cowboy movies, where the rowdy grizzled guys are sitting in a salon, and they invite the new young gun to gamble with them, thinking they’ll take all his money, but then he sits down and takes the deal and starts flipping cards left and right, thereby showing them and the audience that he’s actually really good at poker and is about to school these dudes. Right. Like that. recently published a profile on cardistry, the “arcane but growing pastime in which (primarily) young men shuffle, riffle, twist and toss decks of cards through acrobatic arrangements and sequences.” Or, as they put later in the piece “Cardistry is like card magic without the tricks, prestidigitation without the abracadabra.” 

I never even figured out how to that bridge thing when coming out of a traditional shuffle…so consider me impressed. Check out a video of these cats in action and read the full piece at Inside the Elegant, Mesmerizing Subculture of Card Juggling