Free Poster: NATO Phonetic Alphabet Chart

How about some free stuff to start off your week?

Outside Open is offering a free poster featuring the NATO phonetic alphabet chart (you know, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot) for use on all your International Radiotelephony needs. It’ll certainly come in handy on your next call with tech support and all future covert military operations, and also features semaphore delineation (pre-electronic flag letter signals for naval communication represented in a circle), Morse Code, and the International Code of Signals (maritime flags are used by sailors to visually communicate letters and messages while maintaining radio silence).    

Oh! And get this: not only will Outside Open let you download and use the poster for free, they’ll even send you a free physical copy if you just pay shipping and handling. 

Cool, right? Get your copy and check out the design process at Outside Open.