5 Best Porch Swing Plans That Are Totally Free

Step into the realm where comfort meets thrift! Discover the ultimate guide to crafting your own tranquil retreat with our curated selection of the top five porch swing plans—all available completely free of charge. From simple elegance to ingenious designs, embark on a journey to transform your outdoor oasis into a sanctuary of relaxation and style.

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Why Everyone Needs a Patio Swing in Their Home

With its blend of relaxation and outdoor charm, a patio swing offers more than just a place to sit. It becomes a sanctuary for unwinding after a long day, a spot for cherished conversations, or simply a cozy nook for solitary contemplation.

A patio swing made of whicker material.
Photo Credit: Canva Pro

Whether enjoying a morning coffee, basking in the warmth of the sun, or stargazing under the night sky, a patio swing elevates the home’s ambiance, fostering moments of tranquility and connection with nature.

1. DIY Porch Swing Plans by April on Instructables

A porch swing with cut out of heart in the middle.
Photo Credit: April Wilkerson via Instructables

This one is a fan favorite for sure, giving you endless inspiration for customizing your own DIY porch swing. Also, you will be happy to know that April has included a great write-up and even a video to help you build the porch swing of your dreams.

2. Porch Swing Plans From Construct101

Swing plans for porch.
Photo Credit: Construct101

This set of porch swing plans is perfect if you are looking to build a decently large swing that seats two to three people comfortably. It’s not too big, though, making it the perfect choice if you have a good corner or side of your porch that you are looking to utilize for fun seating for those great weather days.

3. Porch Swing Bed by Henry

A porch swing bed with ropes suspending it from the ceiling.
Photo Credit: Henry via Plank & Pillow

This one has a unique twist to the porch swings we have shown so far, giving you a multi-purpose swing that we know you will love. Who can say they never wished to take a good nap while swinging on your patio swing? Here’s the perfect addition to your patio, Henry’s porch swing bed, that you will not only enjoy building but will cherish for years to come with your family.

4. Ana White’s Porch Swing Plans

Dark brown wooden swing with throw pillows.
Photo Credit: Ana White

Ana’s porch swing is the ideal choice for couples looking for a cozy and intimate seating arrangement to enjoy morning coffees and lunches together while in the breezy outdoors. It’s a great building block that will give you tons of freedom to customize and shape as you see fit while also being simple enough for even beginners to try building for their first big project.

5. Shanty2Chic’s DIY $40 Farmhouse Porch Swing

A grey patio swing with throw pillows.
Photo Credit: Shanty2Chic

For those who are on a budget or not totally sure about having a swing on their porch, this porch swing from Shanty 2 Chic is the one to try. Not only is it sleek and stunning, but you can’t go wrong with spending only $40 on your build. We are sure that you will love it and probably continue to add to it as you get more ideas for taking your patio swing to the next level.

As we conclude, remember – TedsWoodworking is your ally in woodworking aspirations. Dive into 16,000+ projects with ease. Your creativity knows no bounds. Happy crafting!

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We love anything to do with DIY, and what’s better than a patio swing for enjoying beautiful weather outdoors? Hopefully, you got inspired by these great yet free build plans and started putting together a shopping list for materials. We would love to see your finished patio swing, so make sure to send in a picture or maybe a few to have showcased alongside these stunning examples!

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