You Don’t Have To Give Up Style To Have A Smart Watch

LG UrbaneIt’s still possible to be a man and have a Smart Watch. Here are 3 ways to embrace your inner geek while staying true to your dapper style.  

While I’m not keen on having one more piece of tech to keep charged up, the trend towards a smart watch has been something I have kept and eye on. To be able to stash my smartphone and still have access to reminders and texts seems like a good thing. But one of the problems I’ve found with most smart watches (and bands) is that they just feel like the modern version of the wrist calculator with the polished plastic and bright lights. But thankfully a few options are surfacing that recognize style matters.  Here are three dapper versions that are welcome on my wrist anytime.

Smart watch band

1. Montblanc Time Walker Leather E-Strap $TBA (June 2015)

This low profile strap allows the use of any watch for a seamless transition without losing that polished sapphire-glass timepiece. The interface is promised to be simple, elegant, and low profile; but helpful enough for daily use.LG Urbane

2. LG Urbane $TBA (Available Summer 2015)

This simple watch features a clean and simple touchscreen with voice activation via “Ok Google”. With plenty of different face styles to choose from, it’s easy to match to the outfit of the day. LG features other more rugged versions that offer the same functionality in a durable rubber casing for the more adventurous (or accident prone) among us.

Pebble Watch

3. Pebble Steel $199

While the screen quality and detail leave something to be desired, the nice quality metal band and long battery life make this fully interactive screen pretty attractive. Pebble was one of the first smart watches to market so the product is well tested and works without kinks.

So most of us will still have a few casual and dress watches that stick around, within a few years just about everyone will have something like these charging next to their tablet, phone, laptop, and glasses. So go ahead and embrace the trend, but you might as well do it in style.