How to: Take Better Hiking and Camping Photos with Your Smartphone

You know the experience. You trek off to some great view, or deep lush forest, or vast scenic view, grab your phone and say, “I just have to get a picture of this.” You snap a shot or two, and look at the screen, and it looks absolutely nothing like where you’re standing.

Yep, us too.       

But you don’t always need to carry a tripod and full DSLR and multiple lenses to get great adventure photos. Your smartphone will work – you just gotta keep a few things in mind, and take advantage of all it’s features.

Backpacker magazine shares some great times from adventure and sports photographers Matt & Agnes Hage, who offer tips about seeking light, exposure and composition, and a few in-phone editing techniques to make things look amazing. 

Check out the slideshow and tips at How to Take Better Smartphone Pictures