How to: Make Your Own Protein Bars

created at: 03/28/2015

I go from zero to hangry faster then almost anyone I know, so I’ve learned the value of keeping protein bars on hand. I tend to lose my self in a project, telling myself that I’ll eat after I finish that one last thing that then goes on for two hours, and by that time I need to get something my belly immediately or I won’t have the wherewithal to properly cook.   

Protein bars tend to be a little pricey and if you end up eating them as often as I want to, you can get sick of a certain type pretty quick. But have no fear, the team at put together these great DIY Protein Bar recipes that you can play with and tailor to your liking. With options like Toasted Coconut and Vanilla and Red Velvet Pumpkin Seed (pictured above), you’ll never be hangry again!