Some Seriously Good Life Advice on Taking Risks

Over the weekend, I was glancing through old screenshots on my tablet. See, I like to read magazines through the (very cool) app Zinio and free access to titles from my local library (yay libraries!). I will always take screenshots of interesting bits and photos I like, and store them in a folder…and then completely and entirely forget about them for the rest of time.

Or at least until I remember that I do that, and I go check out the archives.

Seriously Good Life Advice on Taking Risks

I stumbled across this one the other night, and it hit me again, or in a new way. I honestly don’t remember the initial article (it’s from a year and a half ago), but it looks like something I would record.

In some ways, it’s a variation on a common “go for it” theme – do the stuff you’ll be proud of when you’re older, and don’t do the things you wouldn’t. But, I think it’s said extra well here, for some reason.

I’m in the midst of thinking through a somewhat big adventure. I’ve been invited to do an amazing thing, but it’ll take a lot of resources. Resources I could (should?) devote elsewhere. But, reading this makes think I should go for it. I’ll keep thinking about it; you keep thinking about yours, too. 

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