Mar 10, 2015

Some Seriously Good Life Advice on Taking Risks

Over the weekend, I was glancing through old screenshots on my tablet. See, I like to read magazines through the (very cool) app Zinio and free access to titles from my local library (yay libraries!). I will always take screenshots of interesting bits and photos I like, and store them in a folder...and then completely and entirely forget about them for the rest of time.

Or at least until I remember that I do that, and I go check out the archives.

Seriously Good Life Advice on Taking Risks

I stumbled across this one the other night, and it hit me again, or in a new way. I honestly don't remember the initial article (it's from a year and a half ago), but it looks like something I would record.

In some ways, it's a variation on a common "go for it" theme - do the stuff you'll be proud of when you're older, and don't do the things you wouldn't. But, I think it's said extra well here, for some reason.

I'm in the midst of thinking through a somewhat big adventure. I've been invited to do an amazing thing, but it'll take a lot of resources. Resources I could (should?) devote elsewhere. But, reading this makes think I should go for it. I'll keep thinking about it; you keep thinking about yours, too. 

Read more Life advice from GoPro founder Nick Woodman at OutsideOnline: "I Am Doing This"


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bruno on Mar 11, 2015:

@Vestal I think we're talking about different kinds of risks (physical vs. career/relationships/adventure). Knowsing your physical limits is important (i.e. jumping off buildings, risking your neck, etc.), but I think in general most of us overestimate the other kinds of risks (non-physical ones). In other words, when it comes to endangering your body/life, I agree with you, it's more complicated. But it's good to learn the difference between the risk of hurting yourself, and the mere risk of failure. I think it would serve us all well to learn to fear failure a little less.

Vestal on Mar 11, 2015:

It's all good and fine until that one "go for it" moment that keeps you from being that 90 year looking back and regreting that you wimped out.


Not saying to live in a protective cocoon just that there is consideerably more to it than this.