Redefining a Space: 3 Seriously Awesome Tiny Homes Built in Buses

converted busSometimes the traditional definition of a home just falls a bit short. These buses were converted into homes that move easily and fit in just about everywhere you want to be.   I’ve posted about my love of tiny homes before, and I have to say I’ve fantasized about them on a regular basis for years. The thought of culling my massive collection of “stuff” into a manageable stash of essentials makes me smile, but then reality sinks in and I realize 400 sqft just doesn’t work for me and my family of 5. Nevertheless, I still dream of a bit of freedom and so when I saw this great post on converted buses my mind went a bit haywire.bus interior

Mike Hulleman over at Hobo With A Laptop did a great post on three bus conversions that run from simple and natural to urban and upscale. with my general love of wood, I’m partial to the “bus” project, but each has it’s own exceptional character. Take a look and leave a comment on your favorite. If you’ve seen one I haven’t, I’d love to hear about it!

bus interior